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Terms ZOLO um use of cookies

1. What are cookies?

Cookies are tiny text files that are stored in your browser. Cookies are used for a variety of purposes, including to improve the functionality of websites, to analyze the use of websites and to direct advertisements to specific groups or individuals. Cookies can contain text, numbers or information such as dates, but no personal information about users is stored there.

2. Use of ZOLO on cakes

By accepting ZOLO's terms and conditions regarding the use of cookies, ZOLO is authorized, among other things, to:

  • identify users who have previously visited the site and tailor search and service to visitors in accordance with the authentication,

  • to make it easier for users to browse the site, for example by remembering previous actions,

  • to develop and improve the services of the website by gaining insight into its use,

  • to display ads to users

ZOLO also uses third-party services to analyze web traffic, measure ad performance, and to deliver customized ads to visitors. Examples include Google Analytics from Google and Facebook Pixel from Facebook. Analytics and Pixel collect information anonymously and report on website developments without reporting any individual users or personal information. Google Analytics and Facebook Pixels use their own cookies to monitor visitors' interactions with websites. Based on this, ZOLO reserves the right to display advertisements to users through these third-party remarketing systems.

3. Storage time

Cookies from ZOLO are stored for up to 24 months from the time the user visits the ZOLO website.

4. Turn off the use of cookies

Users can and are always allowed to configure their browser to stop using cookies, so that they are not saved or the web browser asks for user permission first. Such changes may reduce access to certain pages of the Website or the Website as a whole and may adversely affect overall functionality.
Instructions on how to turn off cookies or change cookie settings can be found on your browser's website or .

5. ZOLO's handling of personal information

When you use our web interface, we also collect personal information through cookies, IP addresses and other information related to the device you use (such as hardware type, operating system version, etc.) ._ cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_

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