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Frequently Asked Questions & Terms


By signing up for the app, you automatically accept our terms.

  • You are fully responsible for yourself and the electric scooters included in the rental.

  • Your email address will be added to our mailing list. But it's no problem to cancel. 

  • Possible fines if ZOLO rules are not followed (see more below)

  • We reserve the right to block your access if fees have not been paid, rules are not followed or electric scooters are misused. 


Where do I download the application?

To download the app, you can simply search for "ZOLO Iceland" on the App Store or Google Play.



Where can I find a ZOLO e-scooter?

Get the app and create an account. The map will then show you where the next available ZOLO e-scooter is. 


How do I unlock ZOLO?

To unlock ZOLO, you first need to scan the QR code with the app or enter the 4-code number below the QR code.


How do I get started?

Push forward with one foot and press the throttle on the right side of the steering wheel.

Note : To turn, use your body weight and lean to the right or left and turn the steering wheel at the same time.  


How do I slow down and stop at ZOLO?

The best way to slow down is to release the throttle and hand hold down the brake lever. 



Can I park the scooter without registering?

You can park the scooter and lock it for 30 minutes without worrying about someone else taking it. All you have to do is park your scooter and click the "Park Mode" button in the app. 



How will my trip end?

Before you end your trip, make sure the scooter is on

within the ZOLO area and do not obstruct pedestrians or cars. Simply press the "End Ride" button in the app. 



Who can use ZOLO?

Anyone over the age of 18 with an iPhone or Android phone.



How fast can I get on ZOLO?

ZOLO can reach 25 km/h.



Where can I ride a ZOLO?

Wherever! We encourage you to use bike lanes whenever possible!


What about a helmet?

Your safety is paramount and we strongly recommend that you wear a helmet. Please be considerate and careful. 


What should I do before leaving?

Before you start, it is a good idea to go over the main elements to make sure everything works well. 

• Check the brakes

• Check the lights

• Check the tires

• Check for damage to the scooter

If the scooter does not work or is damaged, please send an email to


How many people can be together at one ZOLO?

Each ZOLO is for one person only. These electric scooters are not built for more. (max. weight: 100kg)


Can I use ZOLO in any weather?

It is safe to use ZOLO in rain and wind only as long as it does not affect your eyesight. We do not recommend using ZOLO in ice.


Where can I park ZOLO?

You can park it anywhere, as long as you are within the ZOLO area and not in a walkway or roadblock. 


What do I need to beware of?

Do not slide over speed bumps, edges or other uneven ground at high speeds. Be careful not to go too fast downhill and use both brakes when you are at high speed. Do not turn the steering wheel too hard at high speeds or in wet / icy conditions. Do not go in puddles that are deeper than 3cm. Do not release the steering wheel. Both hands on the steering wheel. Do not go up or down stairs or try to jump over obstacles. Do not use the phone while traveling.



What should I do if my ZOLO runs out of power?

Stop your journey in the app and find another ZOLO in the app. Do not attempt to charge the electric scooter yourself.


Do I have to pay for the app?

No, it's free for everyone to download the ZOLO app.


How do I view my travel history on ZOLO?

You can always see your trips under "My Rides" in the app.


What should I do if there is an accident?

If you or others experience an accident while using ZOLO, please send us an email to If the accident is serious, contact the police 112.


Prices, Payments, and Fines


How much does it cost to use ZOLO?

The starting fee is ISK 100 and then it is ISK 34 per minute.



How do I pay?

Enter your card information in the app. Please email us at for more information regarding payment. 


Use of the Service and the App

The User can use the ZOLO App to locate, reserve, and rent Products. 

ZOLO reserves the right to accept or reject reservation requests. If a reservation via the App is rejected after the User’s request, he will receive the applicable refund assuming the payment method was charged in the first place. 

Fraud Disputes

The user will need to contact ZOLO, when disputes are reported we ask you to contact our customer support. All disputes not reported to ZOLO will automatically be overlooked as customer abuse. 

ZOLO does not take responsibility for credit card theft.



Why do I need to share my GPS information with ZOLO?

We ask you to share your location with us so you can find ZOLO closest to you. 


Why do I need to open the camera in the app?

We ask you to open the camera in the app so you can scan the QR code on your ZOLO electric scooter and to take a photo of the scooter after your ride. 


By downloading the app and agreeing to the terms, you agree that you may have to pay fines if:

- You park on a private plot that ZOLO employees have difficulty accessing. (Up to 3.000kr)

- Damage to the ZOLO during use.

Note that if the scooter suffers obvious damage during use or the scooter is lost, an individual registered on the scooter may have to pay a fine of up to ISK 70,000.

Did you forget to check out?

No worries it happens!

We at ZOLO follow closely and see when the bills have become unusually high, we will end the trip for you and find a solution to the problem.


Did not find the answer to your question?

Please send us a message at

or call 546-6066


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